Brenda White Wright speaks on a variety of topics. Below are the four key areas she covers. You can click on each link to find further information about some of the most requested topics. For more information on any topic or to inquire about anything that isn't listed, please contact Brenda.


Being a good leader takes practice and effort. Through these presentations, Brenda helps people hone their skills and achieve their goals.


We all are capable of achieving goals and making a difference. Sometimes we need a little insight into the best way to do this. Through these topics, Brenda helps participants learn how to reach their full potential.


Our world is growing. Throughout our communities, we are exposed to more cultures than ever before. Despite our differences, we are really alike in many ways. Brenda helps participants learn how to not only accept but embrace diversity through these presentations.


Each of us holds the key to our ultimate success. Brenda helps participants learn how to take charge and take control of their destinies through these presentations.

Professional Development

Success in the workplace often requires more than just a knowledge of your job. The way you interact with others and present yourself can be a key factor. Brenda helps participants in these presentations with effective tools that can be implemented.


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