"Your presentation provided the motivation and the message that are at the
very heart of our goals for this important event."

Ned McWherter
State of Tennessee

"Many speakers come to our campus each year; few present a message as significant as yours; none speak with such convincing enthusiasm."

Jerry Zank
Ransom Everglades School

"You were fabulous, and very inspiring for those of us who work with youth. The advice you gave was on target, and I found myself reliving the words you spoke throughout the day."

Alice Iler-Smith
ILP Coordinator for Kern County
Department of Human Services

"Thanks so much for your absolutely wonderful presentations. Several senior staffers said that you were the best they had experienced. I've been in the Department for eleven years and I share their opinion."

Don Blue
Prince William County
Department of Social Services

"I am amazed at your energy and your adaptability; you did activities with a large group that most people would not have attempted, and they worked beautifully."

Keith A. Bailey
Holston Home for Children

"Your inspirational words did more for the community's image of our organization in the one day you were here, than I am sure we could have accomplished in a year's time...maybe more!"

Junior League of Winston-Salem, Inc.

"You have passion for the subject of diversity, and that is transparent in your delivery."

Patricia W. Pepper
McDonnell Douglas
Management Association, Inc.

"You are one of the most powerful speakers I have heard! You have a way of endearing your audience while you deliver the realities of life, both the kind we like to hear and the kind we find hard to hear."

Virginia Ann Holman
Junior League of Columbus, Georgia, Inc.

"Even after having taught for thirty years, I have learned something new from every one of the presentations! This conference was definitely worth my time. Thank you!"

Sneha Shah Coltrane
The North Carolina Association
for the Gifted and Talented

"Your energy astounds us as you lead us down a thought provoking path."

Kandis K. Giblin
Leadership Rochester

"Your presentation was fantastic! Thank you for sharing your expertise and humor."

Mary E. Ginn
Department of Education
State of South Carolina

"You are a gifted speaker, but I am most impressed with your sensitivity, insights and caring for others."

James P. Ahearn
Rochester Area Multiple Sclerosis, Inc.

"Your session is always the top-rated program by our students."

Ernie Braganza
Bristol Youth Leadership Steering Committee

"Sharing your expertise and humor with our members helped to make one of our most successful conferences ever."

Barbara Belzer
Tennessee Alliance for Continuing
Higher Education

"The positive feedback has been tremendous. My toughest critic--my daughter and her friends--have rated you a 10!"

Susan Gore
Smith County Board of Education


©2003- The Wright Approach!